Why Holistic Wellness is right for YOU?

  • Are you dealing with stress in the form of anxiety, depression or even panic attacks? 
  • Is your life feeling out of control or are you overwhelmed with too many things to do?
  • Have you been neglecting your overall health starting with bad eating habits?
  • Are you experiencing signs and symptoms in the form of pain?  illnesses? or diseases?

If you said "YES" to any of these questions, then taking a Holistic (Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual) Approach is the right path for YOU.  A whole-person direction is where we will evaluate all the dimensions in your life and start making positive changes that can create a profound impact in (not just 1), but many areas of your life.


What You Can Expect at Holistic Approach 4 Life?


Compassionate Guide to Listen to Your Needs

Work with certified Life/Wellness/Nutrition coach, Kelly Haywiser. Your sessions are customized to what you need and Kelly will provide you with the opportunity to discuss your situation and identify where you wish to go with your wellness plans. 

Intuitive / Open-Hearted Healer to Look at the Big Picture

Not everyone is alike. Although you may be dealing with a symptom that brings you to this website, there is a bigger picture of what is going on in your life. Therefore, we will look at your whole self and what is happening to resolve numerous concerns. Why walk away with only 1 area resolved. Kelly has been helping people with their healing and seen them make major, positive changes to live their lives in abundance, joy and happiness.

Educated / Knowledgeable Coach to Create the Best Options

Kelly has over 25 years of experience in the Holistic field and she will look at your situation from the big picture perspective and offer you various of choices to pursue in your healing. You may wish to try Reiki (Japanese form of energy healing) to relax and reduce your stress. Try EFT/TFT Tapping to break blockages of negative experiences to lose weight. Experience AFT Aroma-Freedom Technique to release emotional charged memories and start moving forward on your purposeful life. Be creative with Therapeutic Art to open up a personal space within to heal from depression, addictions and cravings. The options are endless!!!

Peaceful, Calm and Healing Environment

Holistic Approach 4 Life, has a calming, relaxing healing room that can be used for Reiki, Reflexology and various healing therapy sessions. Experience the soft music, salt-lamps, and natural lighting through Japanese screens. Meditation is offered to small groups in this room along with Therapeutic Art Classes in the front room. A private coaching area is provided for one-on-one sessions in coaching, EFT/TFT Tapping, Nutrition and Aromatherapy.

Hope and Guidance to Make Positive Changes

You will receive intuitive guidance from your sessions to create and implement a plan moving forward in your healing. Expect some holistic homework and time for deep reflection. Here you will find peace in your life and hope to break free from what has been holding you back in healing from an aliment, having a better relationship, or creating a life that you wish to live.

Contact Information

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