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Basic Therapy Options


Reiki & Quantum Touch

Reiki & Quantum Touch are gentle, non-intrusive methods of hands on energy healing. These therapies combined promoted deep relaxation, mental clarity, focus and a means to release blockage in your energy field. Most clients will experience great peace and comfort. Combine these sessions with Tibetan Singing Bowls, Guided Meditations, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing or Distance healing.


Foot & Hand Reflexology

Reflexology is a form of acupressure point zone therapy that uses a very specific method of release blockage of energy in the Tissue, Glands, Organs and Body Structure to promote a better flow of energy for overall health and wellness. This session includes a foot and hand massage with customized blended Young Living Essential Oils and Organic Body Lotion. Walk away knowledgeable of your blockages and areas that you may wish to work on through the intuitive assessment.

Massage will no longer be available after June 15, 2019

Due to physical limitations, Kelly will be unable to provide massage therapy after June 15, 2019. She is happy to review your specific needs and offer other forms of Holistic Modalities to reduce stress, pain and inflammation. 

Premium Services

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching


Are you in need of losing weight, eating healthy and getting back on track? Work with a Certified Integrative Nutrition/Lifestyle Health Coach to help you meet your goals that includes nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Dealing with Stress


Are you dealing with stress, depression and anxiety and wish to decompress. Therapy services are available as well as Mindful Movement classes that incorporate; Qigong (very slow movement, breath work and guided imagery), guided meditation and aromatherapy for better mental clarity, flexibility and spiritual focus. Space is available for Individual or up to 3 students.

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