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Hi, My credentials speak about most of my training courses that I have taken and what tools I use in my practice, but they don't say much about who I AM. I am a women who has been through many life changing situations. I became pregnant at 16, married at 16 and a widow at 17. I worked my way through college, while raising 2 very independent, outstanding grown adults. I currently have 4 grandchildren and love to see them grow. I remarried in my late 20s. After dealing with my ex-husband's addiction to pain killers and realizing that I could not help him (he did not want to help himself), I divorced in my early 40s. I have worked jobs making 6-digits in the corporate field and have enjoyed working behind the counter of a donut shop. During my life I have always been self-reliant, resourceful and grounded in my faith of love and light. Through all my ups and downs I have practiced holistic modalities like Reiki, Meditation, Prayer, Qigong and Journaling to name a few all the while helping me be more balanced, centered and grounded. I love helping people find their balance. That is why I AM a light healer and a holistic lifestyle coach. This journey started when I was 13 and I continue to enjoy my life.


Kelly’s Credentials cover over 25 years of training and experience. Here are just a few of her milestones:

Diploma from the Life Coaching Institute

Certified Wellness Inventory Coach (Health Online/Well People)

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition)

Certified Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner (Dr. Benjamin Perkus)

Certified Guided Imagery Practitioner (Dr. Sandy Jost)

Certified Meditation Practitioner / Teacher - The Priority Academy

Certified EFT / TFT Master Practitioner - The Priority Academy

Certified NLP Master Practitioner - The Priority Academy

Certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach - Udemy Academy

Reiki Master Teacher (over 25 years), Founder of Applied Transcendence Reiki Courses

Licensed Massage Therapist, since 2004 - (currently not practicing) - Cancer, Detoxification and Fertility Massage Specialized.

I have ran a variety of wellness centers. Holistic Approach 4 Life was founded in 2005 and has continued to be my place of business for healing and helping others. Using Reiki, Reflexology, massage, coaching clients and teaching workshops/classes, I am enjoying every minute of the journey.

In 2019, I had the greatest pleasure working as the Wellness Director for Advanced Treatment Centers in Bridgeville. There I coached clients who had gone through recovery of drugs and alcohol and who were focused on building a healthy, balanced lifestyle. 

I AM a self-published author of “YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE”, A women’s holistic guide to peace, passion and purpose.

You Are So Much More

A Women's Holistic Guide To Peace, Passion and Purpose

I am excited to offer my clients a great manual with tips, simple practices and insights of holistic modalities to help them on their life journey. These tools will spark your mind, fuel you body and uplift your spirit. Please bounce over to amazon to purchase your copy today. 





Not Cookie-Cutter

Kelly is so much more than “just a masseuse.” Through our sessions, she has also served as a life coach, therapist, nutritionist, and most importantly, friend. All her sessions are customizable and focused on healing particular issues versus delivering cookie-cutter types of services.

Kelly has helped me work through body changes, life events and fertility issues. She even recognized an alignment problem with one of my neck vertebrae that a chiropractor confirmed and fixed, eliminating back pain that had been plaguing me for years. Overall, she’s helped me become more aware of, and in tune with, my body to better manage my health.

-Kathryn L.

Speaking Engagement - Well Received

Thank you very much, Kelly Haywiser for an excellent presentation last night. Here's just some comments I received from the group members who attended: "bright", "detailed", "well versed", "reassuring". I personally found the information you shared very practical, ready to use on a daily basis. Thanks again and we hope to see you again in the future!

Getting Down to the Heart of the Matter

“Forget about the non-sense - she gets down to the heart of the matter and opens up your thinking and mind so you can better learn the issues of your heart and soul. She listens to your issues, is kind and incorporates that into your healing." - Amy R.

Genuine Lightworker / Divine Healing Power

"Kelly is kind, genuine and professional. I felt very cared for while in her presence. She made me feel accepted without any judgment. Kelly is a lightworker and I'm so grateful to have experienced her divine healing powers." – Anonymous

Finding Validation

“I’ve found validation and confirmation that I’m on the right path and using my gifts to help others.” – Lori B.

Finding Who I was Created to BE!!!

“Instead of feeling lost, I feel that I have found who I was created to be. I’ve made new goals, new daily spiritual practices, and focus more on the positive aspects in my life.” – Beth S.

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