Aromatherapy Services

Raindrop Back Treatment


60 Minutes - $80.00

This very specific back treatment is designed with the use of Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential oils (11 oils and 2 blends) that are drop along the spine. As each one is dropped, a lakota feathering technique is performed to activate the nerve endings and draw in the oils to reduce pain, relax muscles and create energetic balance. The session includes a back massage and warm towels to enhance the session.

Aroma-Freedom Technique


60 Minutes - $80.00

Are you blocked in meeting goals (losing weight, career changes or relationship issues)? Are you dealing with negativity, pain or stress? These all can be caused by emotionally charge memories from our past that block us from moving forward. This session is uses guided imagery, Young Living Essential oils and Affirmations to release those blockages and help you on your journey. This is not a therapy. This is a Client to Practitioner guided session that has been clinically proven to make a major impact in your life.

Young Living Essential Oils


Therapeutic grade oils are amazing. You may add these to a therapy or a guided imagery session to make positive changes. I can customize any session using the oils that you need to meet your health and wellness goals. The Chi-To-Be session uses Reiki Energy, Essential Oils and Guided Questions to break through the Chakra Blockages and helps the client see areas that they need to make improvement.