Life Balancing


The Wellness Inventory Program

Life is a balancing act. Let's take a Big Picture - WHOLE PERSON approach. We can work on balancing the many areas of your lifestyle that are effecting your health.  Using the Wellness Inventory System, we can assess where you are today in the 12 dimensions and come up with wellness goals to bring about positive change. 

  • Are you dealing with a lack of self-care? The Self-Responsibility & Love dimension is a great place to start.
  • Are you experiencing anxiety? We will work on numerous breathing techniques.
  • Eating Bad? Let's go deeper into ways to eat healthy using the Integrative Nutrition Model and customize a nutritional lifestyle plan just for you.
  • Are you over-thinking and over-worrying? Let's use some EFT tapping to break that cycle and focus on the thinking and feeling dimensions.
  • Are your relationships taking up too much energy? Self-Love, Communicating and Intimacy are places to start, while incorporating some Therapeutic Art.
  • Is life passing you by and you are not aligned with your purpose? Then, we will use all that we can to find more meaning in your life and experience the transcendence you desire.

Working with Kelly, a certified Wellness Inventory Coach plus add in the Wellness Inventory System will propel you forward in your life's journey. Schedule sessions with Kelly at her hourly rate or purchase a package. Plus The Wellness Inventory system is yours to use for 1 full year for just $49.95. Participate in a wellness assessment, utilize the online journaling module, set and track goals, comb the study center and a resource library. This system and wellness coaching are at your finger tips. 

See your progress in the 12 dimensions of your life. 

Take Control! See Results!!!