Nutrition / Lifestyle Coaching



Are you ready to start eating healthy? Looking to lose weight? Maybe, you just need the tools, motivation and accountability to make some life changing impacts to feeling great. Meet with me to discuss your dietary needs and areas where we can make positive changes to meet your goals. Using the Integrative Nutrition model, we will cover primary and secondary foods, bio-individual needs and the best foods that are for you.


Life is a balancing act. If I mentioned eating broccoli to feel better and you had lots of stress; you will not want to eat that broccoli. In fact, you would gravitate to sugar, fat or salt cravings. So lets work on balancing the many areas of your lifestyle that are effecting your health. 


Your initial 20 minute phone consultation is free. Please feel out the Health History form below and return it to me via fax 412-221-9400 or email it to prior to our scheduled phone call. You will be given a few options to move forward depending on your specific needs.