Hourly Private Session Rates:

30 min sessions: $45.00

60 min sessions: $75.00

90 min sessions: $105.00

Package Plans available - 6 Prepaid session for $390.00 

Group Workshops:

Varies between $20-35 per hour depending on supplies required

Hours are by appointment only - Call 412-221-0700

On-Going Classes


Self-Exploration Workshops for Women

Weekly workshops are offered every Wednesday 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. and 7 9 p.m. Each class is different and each individual's experience is different. Learn to deal with grief, anxiety, fears, overwhelm, stress, sadness, loneliness, pain, self-confidence, self-esteem and many other issues. Come to one or as many as you wish. We will always start in the meditation room with a few breath work techniques to calm the body, mind and spirit. Be guided through a special meditation session to connect with your inner voice. We then move to the Art Studio to work on our therapeutic art project. You will be given the chance to create a piece from your meditation or work on a given exercise. We will spend time discussing what the meditation and the art piece reflected in our self-discovery process. We may finish up with an affirmation with essential oil session or an EFT tapping session to help with releasing any blockages and move past what is holding us back from what we really need.

Space is limited - Click Here to pre-register for classes and other events. Please note: If the class does not have prepaid/pre-registered attendees, it may be cancelled 24 hours ahead of time. Check out the class schedule for any updates by clicking on the "CLICK HERE" link above.

Reiki Shares & Classes


Reiki Shares

Come to a Reiki Share to experience the wonderful, non-invasive method of hands-on energy healing. This modality helps with anxiety, depression while promoting deep relaxation. If you are a Reiki Practitioner, you are welcome to share your gift.

Reiki Classes

Kelly is a Reiki Master Teacher and founder of Applied Transcendence Reiki. Here you will learn and be supported in your journey to channel Reiki energy to yourself and to others. This Japanese method of hands-on energy healing is great for relaxation and overall healing pain. The Applied Transcendence Reiki course is not a cookie-cutter 1 day class. This is a journey and experience that will be life changing. Look for courses listed on the Women In Transition Support Group. Click Here.