Hourly Private Session Rates:

30 min sessions: $45.00

60 min sessions: $75.00

90 min sessions: $105.00

Package Plans available - 6 Prepaid session for $390.00 

Group Workshops:

Varies between $20-35 per hour depending on supplies required

Hours are by appointment only - Call 412-221-0700



Join our New Pittsburgh Meetup Group

Holistic Practices provide a sacred, safe space to be your authentic self. Join a group dedicated to living in mindfulness, calmness and peace to feel whole. We will practice together, learn together and inspire each other to giving intention to living in positive and loving ways. Enjoy meditations, guided imagery, prayer, aromatherapy, Reiki, EFT Tapping, AFT Aroma Freedom Techniques and therapeutic art sessions. Learn to clear and release negativity. Be inspire to incorporate daily rituals of Holistic Practices. Click to Join for FREE.

WOW - Women Of Wholeness Retreats


January 4-5, 2020 9-3

 WOW - You are Invited to the "Women of Wholeness" Weekend Stay Retreat. 

  (Bridgeville, Pennsylvania)

No need to worry about the cost of hotels, who to room with, driving far away or even flying out of town. This retreat is right here in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania - only a few minutes away.

All you need to do is:
- Pack Up Your Imagination
- Open Your Heart and Mind
- Come Excited to Work on YOU!!!

We will roll-up our sleeves and get to work on:

1. Connecting with other women who wish to create wholeness in their lives and feel more peace, light the fire of passion and create your very own action plan of purpose.

2. Learn and experience Holistic Approaches to practice in our daily life that bring us into a place of calmness and peace; Meditation, Breathwork, Spiritual Affirmations, Intuitive Journaling and Aromatherapy.

3. Using Therapeutic Art and Self-Exploration Activities, we will clearly define where we are right now in life. PLUS receive an added Bonus (Wellness Inventory System). This is valued at $50.00 for a full year.

BONUS: Learn and receive (1 full year) access to the Wellness Inventory System - Here we can assess where we are in 12 dimensions of our life, like: Self-Responsibility, Thinking, Eating, Moving, Feeling, Sensing, Breathing, Work/Play, Communicating, Intimacy, Finding Meaning and Transcending. A Comprehensive system complete with online journaling, resource/learning center and goal tracking.

4. A Guided Vision Board Exercise and Self-Discovery Activities will help us to layout where we are going in life.

BONUS: Section on Integrative Nutrition - How to Create Balance in our Eating. How to Feel More Vibrant and Take Control of What We Put in Our Mouths.

5. Next we will focus on creating our own personal action plan for taking control of our life, creating balance and wholeness. Plus ways to be accountable to ourselves and see our plans take shape.

6. Wait!!! - Are you afraid that you will not get what you need? Are you dealing with fears? Are there some past experiences, strong emotions (anxiety) or limiting beliefs that others have put on you that say "I don't deserve to be whole"? No Worries,

-- We will spend alot of time working through these roadblocks/detours using Therapeutic Art, EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) and AFT- Aroma Freedom Technique along with other Holistic Modalities. You will have the tools to work on these blocked emotions and thoughts and move forward to have what you want.

As an added BONUS - Receive my women's holistic guide to peace, passion and purpose, titled "YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE". Valued at 19.95.

All you need to pack is YOU. You will receive:

- Notebook and Binder
- Handouts
- Supplies for class
- Snacks - Water, Hot Tea, Sparkling Flavored Water, Protein Bars, Fruit.
- Lunch - Healthy Lunch is provided on both Saturday and Sunday
- Plus --- You Are So Much More
- Plus --- Access to the Wellness Inventory System for 1 full year to use.
- Plus --- Some exciting giveaway prizes

This retreat is limited to 8 attendees only. It will be full of lots of information, plus practices you can apply and use immediately. For 12 hours of devotion to you, the cost is only $345.00.

Cost is $345.00.

Early Bird Special: Pay before 12/15/2019 and the cost is $295. This is a $50 savings.

We start promptly at 9 on Saturday and Sunday and finish each day at 3.

Feel free to call me at 412-221-0700 to answer questions and to make payment by credit card. A 3% charge will be applied to CC purchases. Or you can mail a Check to "Holistic Approach 4 Life" 850 Boyce Road, Suite 10 Bridgeville, PA 15017.

Once payment is made there is no refunds unless the retreat is cancelled. 

On-Going Classes


Self-Exploration Workshops for Women - Donation Request $20 Each


Join us for deep Self-Exploration workshops offered every Wednesday morning 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. and evenings 6:30 8:30 p.m. Each class is different and each individual's experience is different. Learn to deal with grief, anxiety, fears, overwhelm, stress, sadness, loneliness, pain, self-confidence, self-esteem and many other issues. Come to one or as many as you wish. We will always start in the meditation room with a few breath work techniques to calm the body, mind and spirit. Be guided through a special meditation session to connect with your inner voice. We then move to the Art Studio to work on our therapeutic art project. You will be given the chance to create a piece from your meditation or work on a given exercise. We will spend time discussing what the meditation and the art piece reflected in our self-discovery process. We may finish up with an affirmation with essential oil session or an EFT tapping session to help with releasing any blockages and move past what is holding us back from what we really need.

Space is limited - Click Here to pre-register for classes and other events or Call 412-221-0700 to pre-register. Please note: If the class does not have prepaid/pre-registered attendees, it may be cancelled 24 hours ahead of time. Check out the class schedule for any updates by clicking on the "CLICK HERE" link above.

Reiki Shares & Classes


Reiki Shares

Come to a Reiki Share to experience the wonderful, non-invasive method of hands-on energy healing. This modality helps with anxiety, depression while promoting deep relaxation. If you are a Reiki Practitioner, you are welcome to share your gift.

Reiki Classes

Kelly is a Reiki Master Teacher and founder of Applied Transcendence Reiki. Here you will learn and be supported in your journey to channel Reiki energy to yourself and to others. This Japanese method of hands-on energy healing is great for relaxation and overall healing pain. The Applied Transcendence Reiki course is not a cookie-cutter 1 day class. This is a journey and experience that will be life changing. Look for courses listed on the Women In Transition Support Group. Click Here.