Intuitive Healing Sessions


Reiki & Quantum Touch

Reiki & Quantum Touch are gentle, non-intrusive methods of hands on energy healing. Kelly is an Intuitive Reiki Master Teacher and provides a healing environment that promotes deep relaxation, mental clarity, focus and a means to release blockages in your energy field. Most clients will experience great peace and comfort. Kelly will receive guided, intuitive readings from your higher self to help guide you on your path. She may combine these sessions with Tibetan Singing Bowls Music, Guided Meditations, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing or Distance healing to enhance your experience. Walk away with a copy of your messages to work on.


Foot & Hand Reflexology

Reflexology is a form of acupressure point zone therapy that uses a very specific method of release blockage of energy in the Tissue, Glands, Organs and Body Structure to promote a better flow of energy for overall health and wellness. This session includes a foot and hand massage with customized blended Young Living Essential Oils and Organic Body Lotion. Walk away knowledgeable of your blockages and areas that you may wish to work on through the intuitive assessment.


Chakra Balance / Inner Guidance Treatment

Experience a deep, profound experience of inner guidance using guided questions, chakra balancing and young living aromatherapy on the back. As you relax on a massage table, Kelly will gently drop essential oils on chakra points and guide you through self-discovery questions. While the chakras are being balanced, you will receive inner guidance on your much needed concerns. Time for discussion and journaling after session will be provide. A Therapeutic Art session after is optional. Session run about 90 minutes.

Reducing Stress with Private Coaching Sessions


Are You Dealing with Anxiety, Depression or Panic Attacks?

7 out of 10 individuals will be affected by anxiety by 2020. 

Meditation is a great place to start to reduce anxiety. Therapeutic Art brings out the true issues to deal with. EFT Tapping gets to the core to release your anxiety. Affirmations with Essential Oils will lock in the positive changes.

"I walked into what I thought was a Paint n Sip class. 2 hours later I experienced a release of anxiety and understood what was causing me to be anxious, just by using crayons. I did not realize that this amazing form of creative inner work could bring out the truth and in a supportive environment - I was released" - Kelly's 1st experience

Private sessions for Therapeutic Art, Meditation, EFT-Tapping, AFT - Aroma Freedom Technique and Co-Active Coaching are available.

Are you part of group that may benefit from these types of modalities? Great, Call me to discuss options for a group session or designing a personal group program.