Intuitive Healing Sessions


Distance Reiki Sessions

Feel safe and secure in your own home, while experiencing the healing effects of Distance Reiki Chakra Healing. 

Most healing sessions are performed in-person, but due to the Covid-19 situation you can experience long distance healing. Both are highly effective as energy does not have boundaries and therefore, we have access to this energy. It is our limited belief that energy can only manifests in physical formation and that we need the person to be next to us. This is not so. Reiki gives us the tools to provide healing through distance. All you need to do is accept the healing. 

Kelly will only need a picture of you and a scheduled time to perform the Distance Reiki Healing. She will scan your chakras (through distance) for blockages. She will drawing out negativity and perform chakra balancing using Reiki energy.


Applied Transcending Reiki Level 1 Course

COMING JUNE 2020 - An extensive 4-week Reiki Level 1 course that provides you with a 84-page manual, pre-recorded powerpoint lessons, Reiki Activities and Bonus lessons. You will be attuned in Reiki in the 1st week and can begin practicing immediately.